We are very very proud to announce Hannah Dodd as our 2nd Evolution Patron, joining our very good friend Mr Ian Waller.
Hannah was one of our Original 2013 Evo students, after Evo Hannah trained at London Studio Centre on the Degree course graduating in 2017 and has never stopped working since. Hannah was also the recipient of the Evolution ‘Student of the Year’. Hannah is one of the most loveliest individuals you will meet and we are very proud and honoured to have Hannah as an Evo Patron. In addition, we also have the ‘Hannah Dodd’ scholarship, this is a 50% scholarship that will be awarded each year.

Just after Hannah graduated from Evolution, she was cast as the Principal Lead Dancer in the 2014 Burberry Christmas Advert starring Romeo Beckham. Hannah has appeared as a featured model for New Look, Top Shop, Babylis, Apricot. Appeared in a number of commercials for top brands such as Burberry and Olay. In 2018 Hannah was cast and played the character ‘Thea‘ in the new teen drama series ‘Find Me in Paris’ Find Me in Paris’ intro video this was filmed in Paris and Brussels. Hannah has also appeared in ‘The Heartless‘ Indie video, appeared in the Movie ‘Fighting with my Family‘,  in the Sci-fi series ”Pandora‘ and more recently on the BBC in the historical drama ‘Harlots‘ as the character ‘Sophia Fitzwilliam’.

Below are some pictures of Hannah across her various jobs/roles/characters


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