Kevin Tapsell C.I.P.S

Business Affairs, Finance, Marketing

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Kevin Tapsell C.I.P.S


Kevin has been married to Jacqui for over 33years and has been there as a constant means of support throughout all her teaching, examining and professional work. Along with their daughter Brooke they encouraged Jacqui to start her own Foundation College; it was Brooke who came up with the college name and company slogan “Find the Potential in You!”.

Kevin manages Evolution’s Business/Financial affairs, along with the Advertising & Marketing ideas, he is also responsible for maintaining and updating the College website.

He is very proud of the success that Evolution has achieved in such a short space of time and for the continued support that Jacqui and the teaching team receive from family, friends, students & parents. He is also very proud of ALL the students that have trained at Evolution, seeing them develop and grow as individuals in pursuit of their dreams. Since retiring in January 2020 from (his other job) Procter & Gamble after 32 years service Kevin is now at Evolution everyday.

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