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What can you expect from the course at Evolution Foundation College.

Firstly you will be trained by a professional team of people who make up the staff of Evolution Foundation College, all of whom have been specially trained and qualified in their field of expertise. These experts within their respective fields will guide you through your daily routine of classes focusing on each student’s individual needs.

You will receive daily Ballet classes, which will give you the core strength and sound technique required to back up all other dance classes. Jazz technique classes will further contribute to your secure and stable technical ability, giving you the confidence to pursue all other styles of dance knowing you will have the control within your body. Contemporary dance, tap, musical theatre and jazz classes will also be on the weekly timetable, constantly working towards all individual needs to create a secure and confident performer. Pilates classes are included as an important aid to body conditioning, injury prevention, for improving body awareness and refining dance technique. Cross-fit sessions are also included on the weekly timetable to help improve student stamina & fitness. Lectures are also held covering topics such as make-up and skincare, health & nutrition and injury prevention.

Our new Level 4 Diploma Qualification in Theatre Arts has been hugely successful,  this is Validated by RSL and Regulated by OFQUAL .
Since opening in 2013 we are proud to have a continuous 100% student acceptance & student funded offers.

The Level 4 Diploma in Theatre Arts ‘Musical Theatre & Dance’ is an ‘Optional’ qualification and is also available to students aged 16years+ (this opens the door for 17year old students to apply for Degree courses)

Weekly singing and acting group classes will help you work as part of a team, gaining confidence in delivering song and dialogue with clear diction and notation. Individual lessons in singing and acting will be taken weekly to work on your audition songs and monologues. Evolution Foundation College will ensure you have prepared a large repertoire in both subjects in order for you to be fully prepared for any audition requests.

During the year you will also receive master classes from visiting guest teachers from in and around the profession including choreographers, current west-end performers and college lecturers who will help guide and advise you on the latest trends from within the industry. Contextual work will be set to help support all the practical work from the course, which will help prepare you for the contextual work you may be set at a full time 3 year performing arts college. This aspect of the course will assist you in identifying your own personal goals, future aims and your strengths to be built on and weaknesses to be addressed.

Our aim is not just to do the job of preparing you for your auditions, but to also ensure you are ready to embark on life as a first year student who knows they are fully prepared both mentally and physically for life within a performing arts establishment.

Evolution Foundation College has its own specialist dance physiotherapist, recognised by all the major private health providers, who provides injury screening, injury prevention advice and, of course injury management.

Performing Arts Foundation Course
  • Not only will our course show personal technical improvements in ALL disciplines, it will also secure a mental understanding of all requirements for this industry. Evolution Foundation College will help to create a well-rounded individual bursting with both confidence and self-belief.
  • Evolution Foundation College is small and exclusive which allows ALL students to receive 1 to 1 attention with regular personal feedback throughout each term.
  • Evolution Foundation College is not affiliated to any full time Performing Arts Colleges; this allows us to provide an honest and unbiased opinion as to which full time college establishments are best suited to each individual student.
  • Regular mock auditions will take place during the course to help the student learn how to best present themselves when attending auditions.
  • A professional photograph package is included in the course fee so that the first impression that you give to your chosen college on application is professional, and will show good thought and preparation.
  • During the year Evolution Foundation College holds workshops with visiting teachers from various full time Performing Arts Colleges who can offer the most up-to-date advice for their particular college course.
  • Evolution Foundation College includes master classes with professionals currently working within the performing industry (West End, Music videos, Commercial dancers, etc.) to give you an insight into work outside a college environment.

All that is left now is for YOU to come and show US the ‘POTENTIAL IN YOU’ so that we can nurture and create an EFFICIENT – FOCUSED – COMPETENT individual.

Evolution Students

100% audition success rate with Full or Part funding being offered

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