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[us_testimonial author=”Roseanna Tilley” company=”Graduated 2014″ img=”3872″]I previously auditioned at dance colleges and despite being accepted I unfortunately didn’t gain enough funding to attend. That’s when I decided to audition at Evolution and to date this was the best decision I have ever made. A foundation year enabled me to gain the skills I needed to be accepted onto a three year course. The excellent staff filled me with confidence and technique I will treasure for a lifetime. After my year at Evolution I was lucky enough to be accepted into Urdang, Performers, Masters, Stella Mann and Bird, and I even received funding offers. I am now currently training at Bird College for my degree in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre, and I have all of the staff at Evolution to thank for this, especially Miss Jacqui. I made friends for life at Evolution and it is a year I will never forget!
Rosie – Bird College.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”Hannah Dodd” company=”Graduated 2014″ img=”3872″]I joined Evolution after receiving mostly foundation offers during my first year of auditions. I had a small group of colleges I could afford offering degrees – so I understood extra training was necessary. Evolution taught me so much. For me, I had a lot to learn about technique. I had various body issues that needed work and my understanding in order to progress. I gained strength, knowledge and appreciation of subjects taught by inspiring teachers, and began to train as a more all-round performer, which before joining – I never believed I could be! But most importantly, I understood my strengths and weaknesses which filled me with confidence and helped me choose the right college for me. With unconditional support, it’s the perfect environment to start becoming the performer you want to be. Thanks to Evolution I am now training on the Degree course at my dream college, London Studio Centre. In the year since leaving Evolution, I have had a small taste of professional work and secured professional management all thanks to Evo. I couldn’t be more thankful to Miss Jacqui, all the teachers and my amazing Evo family. It was an unforgettable year that still effects the way I approach classes, auditions and just life in general today! I am sure I will remain to feel lucky to have attended the college in years to come. If you’re looking for a foundation course – there’s no better! 💜💛💚💙❤
Hannah – London Studio Centre
[us_testimonial author=”Faye Bartlett” company=”Graduated 2014″ img=”3872″] Evolution was the best year of my life. The reason I chose Evolution Foundation College was because I wasn’t having any luck auditioning to the big dance college, I didn’t have the correct training or experience to get into them. What Evolution did for me was to change my life, they helped me improve all my skills and helped me become a better person; I am so much more confident now than I ever was before which has helped me in so many ways. I cannot thank Evolution enough for what they have done for me, all of the staff are amazing and they helped me become the performer I am today. I successfully auditioned at Colin’s Performing Arts and the Colchester institute. Currently I am studying at the Colchester Institute doing a musical theatre degree. And I’m also working as an entertainer at Potters leisure Resort. Evolution means so much to me, it will always be a part of my life and was the best decision I ever made. Thank you Evolution you changed my life x

Faye – Colchester Institute MT Degree Course[/us_testimonial]

[us_testimonial author=”Jake Patten” company=”Graduate 2015″ img=”3872″]I chose a foundation course because I wasn’t confident enough or at the standard I needed to be to audition for a three year course, let alone attend. Evolution has taught me not only to be a confident and rounded performer but also to be a confident person in day to day life. I had the best year of my life at Evolution and made friends I will cherish forever. I was luckily enough to have been offered a DaDa to continue my training at Performers College and I take comfort in knowing that Miss Jacqui and the Evolution family will always be there for me.

Jake – Performers College

[us_testimonial author=”Alex Moore” company=”Graduated 2015″ img=”3872″]Evolution was the best decision I have ever made without a doubt. Evolution made me become a more confident person who believed they could achieve their dreams. Before doing my foundation year I couldn’t hit a single note or perform any kind of improvisation; I was completely clueless to how much a foundation course can help you. They help you improve your technique, improve your confidence and give you memories you will never forget. I lacked in confidence and I knew it would be difficult to succeed in the performing arts industry and therefore I wasn’t able to achieve what I wanted from this career. Every single person at Evolution never let me give up and continued to support and encourage me, I couldn’t thank them enough for that as I wouldn’t be going to college without them. I am currently about to start at Masters Performing Arts College and I can’t tell you how excited I am about the next step towards my dream. Evolution will forever be a big part of my life and I can’t express how amazing it was being at the college, I made friends that I will be friends with for life, but most importantly I learnt to never give up.

Alex – Masters College

[us_testimonial author=”Francesca Iannelli” company=”Graduated 2015″ img=”3872″]I was un-successful the previous year with my auditions therefore I chose the Evolution Foundation course. I needed to gain confidence as this was an area I lacked in especially when I was put under pressure, this was in addition to having a better understanding of different styles of dance, singing and acting. Being a student at EVO has helped me improve all aspects of my performance! I’ve learnt so much from the teachers, what they have taught me will always be remembered! I have improved my ‘picking up’ skills, my technique, both my health and fitness has improved immensely. I now have an overall stronger knowledge about singing, dancing and acting and I’m now a lot more confident as a person. I was successful with my auditions and I’m now about to start my three years training at a musical theatre college.

Francesca – Wilkes Academy

[us_testimonial author=”Jordanne Cooney” company=”Graduated 2015″ img=”3872″]After suffering from a serious leg injury and having to undertake surgery to fix it, I was still so determined to follow my dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Meeting Miss Jacqui and having her explaining to me what a foundation course was, and the amount of attention each student at Evolution would receive, for example; to improve on technique, strength and flexibility, to name just a few, was the best thing that could have been offered to me; I knew this what I would need to build myself back up and prepare me for 3 years of full time training.
Going to Evolution was the best decision I have ever made. The fantastic faculty and physio helped me to get back on track with my leg injury, which was a huge boost knowing that 9 months earlier I was in a hospital thinking to myself will I ever be able to dance again! And now look, I’m absolutely fine and you wouldn’t even know I had experienced a serious injury. The 10 months went superfast at Evolution, I have made best friends for life who share the same passion; after auditioning I was offered places at numerous colleges. I can tell you for a fact that without Evolution I would not have gained a place at any of the colleges, never mind with part-scholarship offers.
In September 2015 I will start my full time training at Wilkes Academy which is based in Swindon, I can’t wait.
I just want to thank all the staff at Evolution for everything, without you all I wouldn’t be shopping for my saucepans today and prepping myself for moving into my new student accommodation xx

Jordanne – Wilkes Academy[/us_testimonial]

[us_testimonial author=”Mariella Mazzilli” company=”Graduated 2015″ img=”3872″] I chose the foundation course at Evolution mainly to rebuild the strength up in my knee after having a procedure to repair a cartilage tear. With the offer of physiotherapy assistance and a small year group, meaning more one to one tuition and a more family feel, it was a perfect choice for me. Evolution has done a lot for me in the past year and I have seen an improvement in so many aspects of performing in particular with Commercial dance. I couldn’t really Commercial dance at the start of the year and now it is definitely one of my favourite styles of dance. This year I have been fortunate enough to be offered places at amazing colleges and decided to accept an offer from Masters Performing Arts College. I am so excited to start my 3 years training in Musical Theatre and I can’t thank Evolution enough for giving me the foundations to continue on my journey. I have made friends for life, have had the pleasure of being taught by tutors that have shaped and influenced me as a person and I intend to stay a part of the Evo family forever.

Mariella – Masters College

[us_testimonial author=”Yasmin Amiri” company=”Graduated 2015″ img=”3872″] I chose to go on a foundation course as I was unable to gain a place on a full time course the previous year. I lacked training in singing and acting and I was not as confident as I needed to be. I came across Evolution and instantly liked the look of it. I loved that it was a foundation course that wasn’t part of a full time college. I knew we would get all the focus and 1-1 attention and I felt that this was vital! Evolution worked wonders with me. Previously I was never able to sing on my own, yet after only one term I got up on my own and sang in front of everyone. I was amazed at what they were able to do in such a short amount of time, after this I knew I was in for a good year! After many auditions and lots of fantastic training, I was offered places at a number of 3 year Performing Art Colleges and I am proud to say that I will be starting at Tiffany Theatre College in September 2015 on a part-scholarship! I cannot thank all the staff at Evolution enough, I would not have been able to do it without them!

Yasmin – TTC

[us_testimonial author=”Amy Preston” company=”Graduate 2015″ img=”3872″]I chose to do a foundation course as I had realised performing was definitely the path I wanted to go down however, I knew I was not at a standard at that point for a 3 year course especially in the singing and acting department, so a foundation course was ideal for me. As well as working on my singing and acting skills, choosing a foundation course meant I could sharpen up all my dance styles in a much more higher level of training than I had received before. It also allowed me to become a much more intelligent dancer and to look after my body and my health in a much deeper way.
Being at Evolution for a year was the best thing that has happened to me, the changes I made from day one were remarkable and I really noticed how much I progressed over just 30 weeks of intensive training. Evolution really made me grow up and become a person who always had a reason to be happy. It taught me to carry on through any tough times in life emotionally and even physically! The staff at Evolution have taught me so many techniques of dance and ways to improve which I know will be embedded in my thoughts for a long time to come. They all teach with such dedication at Evolution and push us through our paces to ensure we become the best we can be, I truly have a lot to thank them for. A friendly, family atmosphere is one of the biggest and best selling points at Evolution, I have walked away with friends I know I will have for life and memories I will always cherish, you could feel the atmosphere hit you as soon as you enter the college building and it really was a second home with a crazy friendly family.
I am proud to say I am now going to be continuing my training at Masters Performing Arts college for the next 3 years; but of course I will always carry a apart of Evolution with me as I would never be where I am today without Evolution “Finding the Potential in Me”!

Amy – Masters College[/us_testimonial]

[us_testimonial author=”Tabitha Thomas” company=”Graduated 2015″ img=”3872″] I started dancing relatively late and I only really started Jazz classes when I was 15, despite having done Ballet since I was 3. I auditioned for 3 year courses but wasn’t offered any places and not knowing what to do, my teacher introduced me to Miss Jacqui and her team at Evolution, and I knew straight away it was the college for me. Evolution has given me so many incredible experiences and opportunities and also opened my eyes to the dance world. The teachers are so passionate and supportive and it shows how much they care for us as individuals. Without Evolution, I wouldn’t be able to say that I got into 6 full time courses, 2 with funding and I am extremely proud to be joining Masters Performing Arts College. I am proud to have been a part of the year where we received our award as “Best Dance College of the Year!” I am forever indebted to the Evo team and my Evo family for the best year of my life; and for giving me the most solid foundation that has brought me out of my shell and changed me as a performer and a person, so thank you Evolution! Xx

Tabitha – Masters College

[us_testimonial author=”Elysha Reynolds” company=”Graduated 2015″ img=”3872″] I chose a foundation course as I knew I was not ready to go straight onto a three year course. Evolution did a lot for me in every area of the performing arts, from technique, control, confidence and performance. After my training at Evolution I feel like a completely different person and I am a much improved dancer. I am excited to say that with the help from Evolution, my family and friends I successfully auditioned at SceneII to follow my dreams of becoming a fully qualified dance teacher and a future ambition to have my own dance school.

Elysha – SceneII[/us_testimonial]

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